Analyzing methods of businesses which manage working capital

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1) Analyze methods in which businesses manage working capital. Find out the single greatest challenge to small businesses and how those challenges may be addressed. Give detailed examples to support your answer.

2) Suppose that business has mishandled its working capital and doesn’t have enough cash to cover its financial obligations. Propose that present assets mismanagement most probable contributed to shortfall and how management can correct the situation. Give support for your justification.

3) Analyse how international monetary system has evolved over time. How is exchange rate determined in Singapore? In present environment of quantitative easing, Write down the major concerns for MAS regarding monetary stability? Are there any other ways that MAS is utilizing to keep down inflationary pressures?

Reference no: EM1310343

Describing elements of financial planning process

Write down two elements of financial planning process?( it is cash planning and profit planning) Why is cash planning as very important as profit planning?

Investment to make contributions to employer-s fund

If John suppose his investments would earn 8% annually, and his life expectancy is 80 years, must he invest in his own plan or must he make contributions to his employer's f

Computation of expenses and opportunity costs to pursue mba

Explain how and why you made decision to pursue a MBA. Comprise in that description computations of expenses and opportunity costs related to that decision.

Computing present value of stock by retention rate on equity

Retention rate and experience the return on equity of 14%. The required rate of return for investor is 12.5%. Compute the present value of the stock is?

Computing ratios impacted by extra debt

How much will each annual payment be? What ratios would be impacted by extra debt? How would you give explanation for this purchase to management?

Determining max annual withdrawal

If upon retirement in twenty years he plans to invest= $800,000 in fund which earns 4%, determine max annual withdrawal he can make over following fifteen years?

Computation of ebit

Computation of EBIT - mathermatically, EPS indifference point,  graphically and Calculate the EBIT-EPS indifference point and Compute the EBIT-EPS indifference point

Computing black-scholes price

Stock pays no dividends, and stock's annual volatility is 40%, then the Black-Scholes price for this option (rounded to the nearest cent) is?


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