Analyzing Internal Cultural Factors Impacting Performance
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Assignment Project - Dissertation Presentation

Prepare a 15000 words project dissertation presentation.

Provisional Title of Your Dissertation - Analyzing Key Internal Cultural Factors Impacting Project Team's Performance.

Research aim - The primary aim of the research is to arrive at credible findings on the influence of the key internal cultural factors in ensuring that the efficacy in project team performance is generated and leading to the retention of the same. The research will undertake the analysis of the internal cultural factors itself to assess its features and the defining characteristics of those factors. Such analysis along with primary research will lead to credible findings on the interplay among the factors and the performance of the project team.

Research objectives -

Primary objectives -

  • To determine the key internal cultural factors relevant to ensuring project team performance;
  • To assess the characteristics of those key internal cultural factors;
  • To critically evaluate the impact of the key internal cultural factors on project team performance;

Secondary objectives -

  • To identify the limitations of the internal cultural factors within the context of project team performance;
  • To provide further recommendation in the manner in which internal cultural factors can be leveraged in furtherance of the interests of project team.

Research questions -

Primary questions -

  • What are the inherent characteristics of such internal cultural factors?
  • How do internal cultural factors affect project team performance?

Secondary questions -

  • What are the limitations of the internal cultural factors in influencing the performance of project team?
  • How can the internal cultural factors be further utilised to enhance the performance of a project team?

The format of the dissertation should be as follows:

a. Title Page (see appendix 1 for example)

b. Declaration (see appendix 2 for example)

c. Abstract

d. Acknowledgements

e. Contents Page

f. List of Tables and Figures

g. List of abbreviations

h. Introduction (word length guide 1,500 words)

i. Literature Review (word length guide 5,000 words)

j. Methodology (word length guide 2,000 words)

k. Results and Discussion (word length guide 5,000 words)

l. Conclusions and Recommendations (word length guide 1,500 words)

m. Evaluation of Study and Scope for Further Research

n. Reference List

o. Appendices

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    Instructions: Need 15000 words. Share Grammarly report along with the solution. Start off with the project dissertation presentation should be 15,000 words and include a word count The dissertation must be prepared in double spaced, ARIAL 12 pt typescript on A4 paper, with a margin of approximately 4cms left and 2.4cms on the right, The abstract and bibliography should be single spaced.

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    Format and presentation - Dissertations should be between 12,000 and 15,000 words and include a word count. The following should not be included in the word count: abstracts; indented quotations (of more than 50 words); tables; figures; diagrams; footnotes/endnotes used for reference purposes and kept within reasonable limits; bibliography; and appendices. The dissertation must be prepared in double spaced, Arial 12pt typescript on A4 paper, with margins of approximately 4cms left and 2.4cms on the right. The abstract and bibliography should be single spaced.

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    Illustrative items such as tables and diagrams etc. should be produced and reduced to A4 size unless this would seriously detract from their illustrative value. They should be inserted as near as possible to the main portion of the text referring to them and should be titled and numbered sequentially throughout the report for ease of reference. Pay attention to tenses (past, present, future) and be careful not to mix them within chapters. Methodology and results, for example, include what has been done/found and so should be in the past tense. Page numbering up to the abstract should be by small Roman numerals, (i, ii, iii, iv, etc.) and the main body of the text plus appendices should be numbered consecutively throughout in Arabic numerals.

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    The general style of layout should be similar to that in academic works and journals, except that in relevant cases, that part of any dissertation which also serves as a report to a host company may be prepared with numbered paragraphs and greater use of headings, sub-headings, and other appropriate devices for emphasis, etc. (underlining/italics, etc.). Each chapter should contain an introduction, the main body of arguments and a conclusion. You should attempt to anchor each chapter into the body of the text so that its relevance to the whole dissertation is clear to the reader.

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    Dissertation detailed marking scheme is as follows: Insightful very critical and coherent, very clear aims and objectives demonstrates the ability to pursue research at Doctoral level Exceptional knowledge and outstanding conceptual understanding and ability to handle very complex issues and theories and/or specialised principles and concepts. Development and advancement of ideas and practice. Extensive in depth coherent, logical literature review. Outstandingly well-developed very rigorous methodology which delivers objectives, incorporating outcomes of literature review. Collection of highly pertinent data; exceptionally strong and coherent arguments.

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    Outstanding discussion high standard critical interpretations critical analysis well integrated in literature and theory adopted Has total control of all relevant material. Shows outstanding insight and an ability to structure and synthesise material. Work of the highest order. Own ideas based on many sources Expression/style/grammar outstanding. With some re-writing could be publishable in an academic journal.

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