Analyzing and targeting the global market opportunity

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Assignment-Analyzing and Targeting the Global Market Opportunity – 15 pts. Due at the end of Module 6 (FOR ZARA clothing entry to Saudi Arabia)

1. The Global Customer and Buyer (4 pts) a. What is the customer value and value equation in your proposed market for your proposed product offering b. Explain the Diffusion Theory and Adoption process for your product offering within the country. 2. Global Market Segment, Global Targeting and Global Product Positioning (5 pts) a. Identify the market segmentation method that you will use within your target country; geographic, demographic, psychographic, etc. b. Identify the criteria for targeting specific customers and explain your target market strategy c. Define your product positioning within the country and why it will be most effective. 3. Competitive Analysis and Strategy (5 pts) a. Industry analysis that influences competition in the country – conduct a 5 Forces Analysis b. Who are the competitors and what are their strengths and weaknesses c. What is your company/product competitive advantage and strength over these competitors d. Based on these strength(s), how will you use them as a strategic position in this.

Reference no: EM131234514

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Which do you believe presents the greatest threat to civil society: a corporation that commits crimes (e.g., murder, environmental crimes, or bribery, etc.), or persons who

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Henrique's Correa's bakery prepares all its cakes between 4am and 6am so they will be fresh when customers arrive. Day-old cakes are virtually always sold but at a 50% discoun

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Which type of cost system, process or job order, would be best suited for each of the following: (a) TV assembler, (b) building contractor, (c) automobile repair shop, (d) pap


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