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Apply K-T Analysis on your Business Problem/Risk/Opportunity

Study the prescribed reading and consider the K-T Analysis template. Analyze your options for addressing your business problem and alternatives with K-T analysis, using as many of the analyses as possible. You should finalize alternatives from last week along with any others that may have occurred to you. Be sure that they seem to be viable options. Paste your Excel sheets into the Discussion Textbox. Provide a narrative describing what you did, what you learned about your problem and alternatives, and what factors impacted your decision.

• You may change your Business Problem/Risk/Opportunity if you like; however, this will entail more work.

• Start by providing a BRIEF summary of your business problem/opportunity/risk statement and alternatives for action. This content does not get included in your required word count.

• Notice this discussion is worth 25 points! You are expected to provide a detailed discussion and spreasheets of your own K-T.

• Length must be between 300 and 400 words - your input must be on time and within the prescribed length. The problem statement and alternative summary do not count to the required length.

• This discussion considers your personal input and does not need to follow APA guidelines; however, if you copy, cite, or quote someone, then you will need to supply the correct APA citations and references.

Reference no: EM13738775

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