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Francine Washington recently assumed her new position as HR Director at NetBell, a call center organization with approximately 250 employees.  Her staff includes a compensations specialist and a generalist who acts as Assistant Director.  During her first weeks on the job, Francine has noted some issues that seem to be embedded in the organization's culture: call center workers do not have a career plan or a performance management plan, their compensation is determined simply by the number of hours they are logged in; most employees are hired through word of mouth (one employee refers another); and lastly, customers are complaining that it takes too long to reach a customer service person, and the Assistant Director has been arguing that they need to hire more employees.

The CEO does not agree, and has tasked Francie with developing a plan that will analyze work performance and determine what needs to be done to effectively increase performance, instead of hiring new employees. She needs to provide a strategic recommendation to the CEO.

  1. Identify the two main issues or potential problems Francine is likely to face as HR Director.
  2. For each issue, identify the complexities or difficulties that Francine will have to address.
  3. Identify at least two alternative solutions to each issue that Francine can present to the CEO.
  4. Support your alternatives with at least three scholarly sources outside the classroom materials, no older than 3 years. You may use academic journals, industry or business journals, or industry and bsuiness Websites.

Reference no: EM13731557

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