Analyze weaknesses and strengths of the selected theories

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Transforming Practice: Theories of Change

Personal experiences and your own value system make up who you are today. The individuals you interact with, the schools you attended, the family you associate with, and the everyday challenges and opportunities you face make up the core of your individuality. These personal perspectives, whether you admit it or not, contribute to your teaching practices and approaches in the classroom.

In this assignment, you will become familiar with various theories specific to transformative learning practices and change management.


In a minimum of 700 words, respond to the following:

Select at least three theories of transformative learning and change management using the online library resources or the Internet and describe each.

Evaluate the selected theories in your own words.

Analyze the weaknesses and strengths of the selected theories.

Compare and contrast the selected theories, including specific examples of each theory. Use scholarly articles to support your argument.

Evaluate whether these theories effect permanent change in postsecondary institutions. For instance, if institutions apply the transformative change principles, would collaboration among employees improve? Provide specific examples to illustrate your perspective.

Reference no: EM13824644

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