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This assignment asks you to analyze various companies' mission or organizational vision statements to determine how such statements guide leadership practices within an organization.

Select a mission statement or organizational vision statement from one company that professes to practice servant leadership and one that practices a standard leadership model. Some well-known companies that practice servant leadership are Southwest Airlines, REI, and Aflac. Conduct additional research to locate others.

Once you have selected two companies, write a 1,000-1,250 word analysis that addresses the following:

  1. Compare and contrast the mission and/or organizational visions statements of the two companies. What are the similarities and differences? How do you think these statements impact the culture of each organization?
  2. What servant leadership principles or values are either explicitly or implicitly apparent in the mission/vision statement of the company that professes to be servant-led?
  3. Explain how you see the principles expressed in the statements manifested in each company's public reputation, and how they treat their employees in the services they provide, their marketing, etc. Provide a few specific examples to demonstrate your points.
  4. Do you think each company is living out the values/principles expressed in their statements? Why or why not? If the more traditionally led company adopted a servant leadership model, what revisions to their mission/values statement would be warranted? Be sure to comment on your understanding of how such mission/vision statements can or should guide a company's treatment of its employees and clients.

Include the mission or organizational vision statements of the companies you selected in your analysis.

You are required to locate four articles that support your selected organization's mission or vision statement. Two of the selected articles must be peer reviewed journal articles. Include information from the articles in your discussion.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide,. An abstract is not required.

Reference no: EM131285638

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