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• The purpose of this assignment is to ensure that each student acquires and improves their analytical and critical thinking skills, technical skills, and written communication skills.

• It is expected that you will use your understanding of the Porter's model to interpret data and information from outside sources, which must be properly referenced.

• Although you must include referenced data and facts, do not simply string together a series of facts. Rather, analyze and interpret the data and facts you have found using your understanding of the Porter's model in the book and notes.

• Do not use too many quotes. It is better to use your own words.

• Analyze the US Paper and Paper Products industry using Porter's six forces framework.

• Create a table that lists and rates each determinant (see the text) of each of the six forces on a scale of 1 (low) to 6 (high) and shows the average of the ratings for all determinants of each force as the overall rating for each force. Note you may use a weighted average if you feel certain determinants carry more weight than others, but be sure to explain your weighting system and your reasons for creating it. You should also include cited, specific evidence and your interpretations of how that evidence leads to the ratings of each determinant listed in the table. The table should be included in your final paper as an appendix.

• The body of your paper should tell the complete story of your analysis, summarizing and interpreting the information provided in the appendix (i.e. the appendix should provide details of all supporting evidence and interpretations of that evidence for arriving at the ratings, which you will not have space for in the body, but the reader should be able to understand your overall analysis and the most important issues without going to the appendix, except for greater detail.

• Within the body of your paper:

o Have a separate section, with a section heading, for each of the Porter's six forces.
o Include the overall rating for each force on a scale of 1 (low) to 6 (high) in the section heading.
o Explain your rating by interpreting the impact of the specific evidence for the ratings you assign for each of the most important of the multiple determinants of that force, as well as your reasoning for arriving at the overall force rating, including your reasoning for any differences in weights assigned to the determinants for the force, if applicable.
o Use specific evidence (from outside sources) about the multiple determinants of each force (appropriately referenced) and reasoning to support your rating.
o Make sure that you define the boundaries of the industry (the competitors, buyers, suppliers, etc.) before you start your analysis.
o Use the terms and concepts in the textbook and my notes.
o Be concise. Get to the point. However, make sure that your point is clearly stated and easily understood.
o Emphasize the evidence and build on it - DO NOT include unfounded speculation and opinion.

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Reference no: EM13687817

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