Analyze the theoretical basis for selected assessment tool

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Ethical Use of Assessment

Select an assessment instrument likely to be used in your area of professional practice. Read the reviews for your chosen assessment tool in the Mental Measurements Yearbook available in the Capella Library and other scholarly articles that establish the appropriate use of that tool and what it purports to measure.

In your paper,

• Analyze the theoretical basis for the selected assessment tool in your area of professional practice..

• Apply ethical considerations associated with administering the selected assessment..

• Compare each reviewer's evaluation of the assessment tool and appropriateness with diverse populations. How does this comparison inform making an ethical judgment of administering the selected tool with diverse groups of clients? Be certain to cite the relevant sections of the code of ethics for your profession (ACA, AAMFT, or ASCA)..

• Incorporate a minimum of five scholarly research studies applying the selected assessment tool in professional practice.

Reference no: EM13960141

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