Analyze the sexual harassment issues

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Write paper of 700- to 1,050-words in which you analyze the sexual harassment issues presented in scenario.

• Analyze each of the elements of this case: the applicable defenses and the basis for the court's ruling.

• Analyze the possible liability in this case if the sexual harasser(s) were an independent contractor versus an employee.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Reference no: EM131170859

Describe the data available for bias analysis

Describe the data available for bias analysis and show the bias model equation, first with the bias parameters, and second with values assigned to the bias parameters. The bi

Summarize theory of victimization and describing its meanig

Summarize the theory of victimization, describing its meaning and core concepts as it relates to the nature of crime. Identify subcategories of the theory and describe each.

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How long he or she has been an agent or broker

Locate a local real estate agent and ask to interview him or her about the profession (this can be done by phone, by email, or face to face). Be sure to use a consent form.

Marriage partners within their own minority group

According to the authors of your text, why do some minority group members exclusively seek out marriage partners within their own minority group.

Discuss the methods of support or treatment

Describe how sex/sexuality and power are used as it relates to your topic and the theories behind it. Discuss the methods of support or treatment as it relates to your topic

The elements of the tort of negligence include

Bonnie steals some very expensive cooking equipment from a restaurant supply store. Bonnie has committed the intentional tort of. The elements of the tort of negligence includ

Define the first step of research in your own words

Read the article titled, "As drug industry's influence over research grows, so does the potential for bias," Write a one to two (1-2) page essay in which you: Identify the fir


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