Analyze the role played by the global distribution system

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1. An automobile retail group of UK, with a network of 18 retail sites, nine used car sites, and seven smart centers across London, Birmingham, and Manchester, wanted to learn more about its customers. How could CRM and PRM systems help solve this problem?

2. Write a paper on the Human resource management system, the HR policies and strategies in Ethiopia. It should include some parts about regulations, about your country's labour law and the general (HR) culture. Within 2-3pages but It shouldn't be much more than three pages.

3. Analyze the role played by the Global Distribution System (GDS) as one of the channels for the distribution of airline tickets?

Reference no: EM132233968

Brief history of the religion

Select a religion (other than your own) : 1) A brief history of the religion, 2) The religion’s major beliefs and practices that could impact the workplace such as holy days,

What is walt disney companys corporate strategy

What is Walt Disney Company’s corporate strategy? What is your assessment of the long-term attractiveness of the industries represented in Walt Disney Company’s business portf

What are the functions of databases and warehouses

What are the functions of databases and warehouses? List three types of waste or damages that data errors can cause? Give three examples of business process or operations that

Metanational-micro-multinational and cybercorp

Assume you have a choice to work for globally integrated enterprise, a metanational, a glorecalized MNE, a micro-multinational, or a cybercorp. Which would you choose? Why?

Who is the plaintiff and who is the defendant

In this lawsuit, who is the plaintiff and who is the defendant? Suppose that Smith wants Doe to perform the contract as promised. What remedy would Smith seek from the court i

Well-developed training and development program

Explain the purpose of a needs analysis and the necessity of conducting one before implementing training. What risks does one run if a needs analysis is not conducted before t

What is the annual cost for ordering and holding inventory

ABC Co. can manufacture a subcomponent at the rate of 500 per day when required. Its annual demand for this item is 60000 units. Assume 250 working days per year. Holding cost

What preliminary thoughts do you have on solutions

Prepare a list of observations regarding the information provided in the case. What preliminary thoughts do you have on solutions/ partial solutions to the points you have rai


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