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PROBLEM TOPIC: Communication Issues within the workplace

MUST USE ARTICLE (MAIN REFERENCE):Investigating Verbal Workplace Communication Behaviors

MUST USE TEXTBOOK: Kinicki, A., & Fugate, M. (2016). Organizational behavior: A practical, problem-solving approach plus Connect. McGraw-Hill, ISBN: 9781260082203

Step 1

You will discuss the importance of that article in regard to organizational behavior while using the problem-solving. With your organizational problem, provide the following information:

1. Brief summary of the organization.

2. Synopsis of the organizational challenges (Step 1 on the problem-solving approach)

• What is the major overriding issue?
• Provide the facts and examples to support the explanation of the problem.
• Discuss key issues that merit the discussion.

3. Who are the various individuals and what part do they play? (Step 2 on the problem-solving approach)

• What challenges, threats, or opportunities do they pose?
• Explain the role of leadership in the situation.
• Provide any environmental issues that should be considered.

As you discuss these areas to address the first portion of the problem-solving framework, provide examples and research to support your discussion.

Step 2

Now that you have laid the foundation of the problem, explain how the theory you researched applies. Provide in depth analysis with your article as the main evidence.

1. Explain the author's current view on the chosen organizational theory and how it relates to your problem.

2. Provide key indicators that the author applies from theory to the concept in organizational behavior.

3. Discuss what you believe are the most relevant portions of the article that tie the theory and concepts with your organizational issue to create an explanation for the problem. In other words, if you had to explain the organizational issue to someone, how would you relate it to what the author has stated?

Step 3

The final process (Step 3) in the problem-solving framework is recommendations. Based on your research, use this final step to provide recommendation plans for the problem. Do you want to resolve, solve, or dissolve the problem? Consider the consequences as well for the plan of action in your recommendation. Use well-thought-out ideas and research to support your plan. Describewhere you see your personality style fitting into your recommendation for the organization to make your plan work, to tie in the previous papers. Apply what you have learned through Scripture, describing how the Lord can utilize your strengths to implement the recommendation plan.

Format requirements

• APA format for every element of the paper. Be sure to include the APA-formatted cover page, abstract, and reference page. Refer to your APA manual for help or this site for assistance.

• Write in first person-this is allowed due to the personal nature of the assignment.

• To facilitate the instructor's grading of these assignments, you must have major headings for Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3. Additionally, under the major headings, you must have subheadings as you see fit for the outlined instructions.

• 6 pages minimum (This does not include the title page, abstract page, or reference page. Those must be counted as additional pages)

• Avoid bold font (except for headlines, per current APA format)

• The reference page must include a minimum of the 5 following references in current APA format (all sources must be evident within the paper)

Attachment:- Main-Reference.pdf

Reference no: EM131565905

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