Analyze the role of a ceo in a health care organization

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"Strategy and HIT" Please respond to the following:

Suggest an organizational strategy that you think would be effective for a health care organization. Recommend a key HIT tactic that would support the implementation of the strategy selected. Justify your response.

Analyze the role of a CEO or CIO in a health care organization. Based on your knowledge and experience, determine what you believe to be a significant characteristic of effective leadership, and elaborate on its importance to the success of the organization.

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The paper is about the organizational strategy that will be effective for implementation in any health care organization and how that will impact the overall performance. It also talks about any Hit tactic and changes pertaining to that. The paper also reflects about the role of a CIO or a CEO in a health care organization and how any of this qualities will be able to motivate the employees to give in their best. The paper has been prepared in Microsoft Office and is 300 of words.

Reference no: EM131017063

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