Analyze the photograph using the same criteria outlined

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Assignment: Analyzing Visual Messages

For this assignment, choose ONE photograph to analyze from the "Photos for Analysis" folder. Based on the Visual Analysis lecture and eBook chapter, analyze the photograph using the same criteria outlined in the eBook, In your analysis, employ the same criteria used in the analysis of the anti-busing protest incident photograph:

• Inventory
• Composition
• Visual Cues
• Semiotic signs and codes
• Cognitive elements
• Purpose of the work
• Image aesthetics

Next, analyze your subject according to the six perspectives:

• Personal (how you personally like or dislike it, and why)
• Historical (what events were happening in the area and at the time the image was produced)
• Technical (do not explain how a medium works; put your image in perspective)
• Ethical (you do not need to address all of the sub-categories, only relevant ones)
• Cultural (what does this say about current cultural values, etc.)
• Critical (what lessons can we learn from this visual message?)

Divide your paper into 13 sections with clear headings. The 13 sections are bulleted above. Format your paper this way:

Inventory: Write about what you see in the photograph.

Composition: Write about the composition and the gestalt laws you see.

Visual Cues: etc., etc.

The essay must be a minimum of 2000 words, 12-pt. type, double-spaced.

Attachment:- Images.pdf

Reference no: EM131342498

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