Analyze the many contributions that the spartans made
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1. Analyze the many contributions that the Spartans made to world history.

2 Tell me about Octavian, Mark Antony, and Cleopatra VII.

3.What forces produced Pompey the Great, Marcus Lisinius, Crassus, and Julius Caesar in world history?

4 What did you learn about the birth of Jesus and the Wisemen?

5.Why was Cleopatra VII such an intriguing person? How did she become the Queen Pharaoh of Egypt?


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Spartans are the ones which are brave fighters of Greek and have been continuously protracting with the 5th century wars to instigate the settlement and development that leads to majorly serve the people. The training and other hunting purpose often leads to the contribution of a better battle.

Octavian has a powerful background with rebellious kills to helps the generally to settle with the Senate informs that could have a victory over all the supporters. The skills of Octavian have been noted down to victory and splash.

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