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Your requirement is to analyze the key business environment considerations for the new marketing initiative. Specifically, the owners of XYZ Construction want you to create plan for the design of a marketing flyer so that they can prepare to expand operations nationally and internationally.

Develop a plan for a marketing flyer for this assignment that outlines the key offerings at XYZ Construction. This flyer will be used to educate potential customers on the services offered by the firm. Within the flyer plan, you must describe the following key business environment considerations relative to this construction company:

1. XYZ Construction Inc. services that pertain to the residential and private construction areas. Currently, the company relies exclusively upon state and federal government contracts; however, the owners would like to expand in order to diversify their operations.

2. Project management considerations in order to improve cost effectiveness during large and small scale projects for residential and private construction. Length: 5-7 pages not including title and reference pages


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XYZ is a moderately sized construction company which has been highly successful in the ABC area and has been operating since the last 10 years with its functional core working in various types of private and residential constructions involved in both small and large scale construction types, projects related to repairing as well as various alternation related works with the focus on contracting for residential areas mostly.

With the onset of business revolution and the boom in the field of construction business in the local areas, with intent to increase the overall profit margins for the company, the company is looking forward to expand bases from the existing client base of residential clients towards a target market aiming for a large set of commercial customers.

The Company

XYZ company set its mark in the year 2000 when Mr. DEF began his own company at a small scale and with vision slowly and gradually became successful in large scale projects related to construction. With an altered focus and continuous growth XYZ is planning to change the charter of his ways beginning from a limited liability company to a company which is corporate in nature, which has allowed XYZ large amount of access towards investment so as to carry out its growth. The company also received steady loans and help from the federal government to ensure its smooth entry and functioning.

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