Analyze the findings from the articles you researched

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Assignment: Evidence Based Practice

According to the Counsel on Social Work Education, Competency 4: Engage In Practice-informed Research and Research-informed Practice:?

Social workers understand quantitative and qualitative research methods and their respective roles in advancing a science of social work and in evaluating their practice. Social workers know the principles of logic, scientific inquiry, and culturally informed and ethical approaches to building knowledge. Social workers understand that evidence that informs practice derives from multi-disciplinary sources and multiple ways of knowing. They also understand the processes for translating research findings into effective practice. Social workers:

o Use practice experience and theory to inform scientific inquiry and research;

o Apply critical thinking to engage in analysis of quantitative and qualitative research methods and research findings; and

o Use and translate research evidence to inform and improve practice, policy, and service delivery.

This assignment is intended to help students demonstrate the behavioral components of this competency in their field education.

To Prepare: Conduct extensive research regarding the agency's (Military Mental Health Clinic) client population (Air Force Military Members). You will be expected to use at least 5 peer-reviewed resources. The purpose of the research is to discover "evidenced based practices" that are most effective while working with clients served within the population.

The Assignment: Create a 10 slide PowerPoint Presentation, where you will explain the following:

1. Population researched (Air Force Military members)

2. Best evidenced based practices modalities used to engage the population

3. Current modalities used in the agency

4. Briefly discuss and suggest to methods of implementing evidence-based practices in the agency

5. Analyze the findings from the articles you researched

NOTE: You are expected to use a minimum of five references.

Reference no: EM131355033

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