Analyze the fees associated with the plan

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Discussion :

Research and select an employer retirement plan, the details and specifics of which you will use as a resource during the remainder of this course.

If you don't have a company plan research a retirement plan through a vendor like Fidelity. *

Write a 700- to 1,050-word summary or a spreadsheet that addresses the following:

Describe types of plan features (i.e. vesting, eligibility, entry dates, retirement dates, etc.) and estimate whether or not these features are valuable.

Analyze the fees associated with the plan, and explain how are they paid.

What investments are available?

What other features and opportunities does the plan provide?

Choose one plan that you would like to further analyze over the next few weeks. Briefly address the strengths and shortcomings of this plan. (If you are creating a spreadsheet, complete this portion by submitting a 90 to 175 word summary).

Reference no: EM132279907

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