Analyze the factors that contributed to policy development

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Write a 1,100- to 1,300-word paper analyzing how a current criminal justice policy was developed as an alternative solution/strategy to its predecessor policy. Be sure to include the following:

• Identify the policy.

• Describe how it was an alternative solution/strategy to its predecessor policy.

• Analyze the factors that contributed to the policy's development.

Reference no: EM13961711

Effects of one chemical-biological and radiological agent

Describe the effects of one chemical, biological, and radiological agent; include the proper decontamination and treatment methods for each. Explain one dispersal device/deliv

Social networking for future of organizational learning

Imagine you are the CLO of a large organization. The CEO comes to you after having attended a weekend conference in which he shared his enthusiasm for one of the speakers. He

The self and socialization

Charles Horton Cooley- discuss, in detail, the key theoretical perspective regarding the development of “the self and socialization” from a sociological perspective.

Describe the motions of the lava

A " lava lamp is inactive when the light is off, but a lighted lava lamp is dynamic and ever changing. Describe the motions of the lava - like substance that occur over a full

Billions of dollars in property damage

Hurricane Katrina resulted in massive loss of life and billions of dollars in property damage. There were and are many lessons to be learned from this event. Finger pointing

Determine the inlet velocity

A low speed wind tunnel has an inlet area of 2m2 and a test chamber area of 0.5m2. The pressure is 2116 lb/ft2. The velocity of the of air flow in the test chamber is 40 m/s.

What do the results of the experiment reflect

Does this demonstration make a case for the need for collecting data in psychology, rather than relying on our intuition? Explain your answers and incorporate your data resu

Study analysis-stanford prison

The Stanford Prison Study done by Philip Zimbardo in the early 1970s. After reading the outcome of the experiment discuss with your classmates how Zimbardo's findings apply


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