Analyze the emerging leadership theories

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Question : Prepare a 12-15 page paper (excluding the cover page, references page, and appendices).

Global leadership concerns for the future (approximately two pages):

Identify the current global trends that you see driving a global leadership agenda.

Clearly link your leadership development needs to the applicable global trends.

Review Units 1 and 2, and provide links via citations and references.

Emerging leadership theory to guide your leadership development (approximately three pages):

Analyze the emerging leadership theories that are appropriate for a global agenda. These topics were developed in the written assignment for Unit 2.

Select a theory that is appropriate for professional growth and for guiding an individual global agenda.

Provide your rationale for choosing this theory to frame your leadership agenda.

Review Unit 4, and provide links via citations and references.

Personal plan to develop your global leadership competencies (minimum eight pages): ?Define your responsibility and need to continue to adapt and grow as a global leader.

Review the Unit 3 discussions on your Gardner''s five minds level of competency and Unit 3''s Global Leadership Inventory with respect to your findings on strengths and areas for improvement.

Prepare a plan that supports your personal growth as a global leader. The plan should clearly focus on the areas for improvement.

Describe how you will evaluate your progress.

Develop a one-page table-format calendar for the action steps of the plan.

Conclusion (approximately 1-2 pages).

References (minimum of 15 sources ).

Appendices (including the graph results from the Global Leadership Inventory and any other materials you feel are pertinent).

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Reference no: EM13871030

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