Analyze the decision-making process used

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Analyze the decision-making process used. What was effective or ineffective and what would you change in the future? (Note-Your slides should be indicative of what would be used in the presentation to the stakeholders, and the script in the Notes section should describe to the stakeholders how you arrived at decisions. Then, also in the Notes, describe in parentheses the effective and ineffective methods or situations involved in your work. You would probably not go into such details in your presentation to stakeholders!)

Reference no: EM131417174

Course on materials purchasing accounting

Course on materials purchasing accounting: Recognizing that there may be many specific exceptions, if you were to state a general rule, under what condition is it usually most

Determine vertex algebraically and interpret it in context

A cell phone service sells 48 subscriptions each month if their monthly fee is $30. Using a survey, they find that, for each decrease of $1, 6 additional subscribers will join

Create an inter-department work team

You are a department manger with a need to help create an inter-department work team. You have just completed an internal seminar of developing effective work teams and want t

What is amount of inventory inside the process boundaries

Linear Process Evaluation Patients per hour 55, Buffer 1 has 7 patients waiting, Buffer 2 has 34 patients waiting, the registration takes 2 minutes and the doctor takes 13 min

The importance of the location decision is often

Respond to this statement: The importance of the location decision is often vastly overrated the fact that virtually every type of business is located in every section of th

Participation in corporate health insurance plan

In its heyday, Consolidated Electric was an industry leader in the wages and benefits that it paid its employees. Their pension plan was among the best in the business. Additi

Product strategy as part of the marketing mix

Product strategy, as part of the marketing mix, should be driven by consumer needs. Consumers make purchase decisions based on perceived benefits. Sometimes translating desire

Analysis for strengths-weaknesses-opportunities and threats

Perform an analysis for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) on the decision to build DIA. Who are the stakeholders and what are their interests or objecti


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