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Assignment: Discussion Questions-Marketing, Operations, Financing, Human Resources

Marketing, operations, and human resource management are core areas of business. An international setting provides unique challenges in each of these areas.

Research the topic using your textbook, online library resources, and the Internet. Respond to the following:

Consider a foreign company marketing its products in the United States, such as the Mexican company Cerveceria Modelo that markets Corona beer in the USA. Analyze the complexities of one of the following:

Developing product strategies (including cultural differences)
Assessing the promotional strategies
Developing distribution methods
Assessing pricing strategies

Next, consider operational issues in the U.S. market and analyze the complexities of one of these following issues:

Production strategies
Accessing physical resources and managing inventory
Maintaining quality
Financing the operations

From the perspective of a small company venturing into international operations for the first time, discuss what you feel are the three most difficult issues that must be overcome in recruiting, selecting, and training workers. Explain how each difficulty might be overcome.

Reference no: EM13859144

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