Analyze stakeholder issues that may arise with stakeholders
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Individual Assignment: Stakeholder Analysis

Project stakeholders include any individuals who have an interest in the project that is being carried out.  Each stakeholder is involved in the project to a greater or lesser extent, but involvement does not always equate with influence. For example, on the one hand, a junior project manager is a highly-involved stakeholder because he manages the details of the project on a day-to-day basis by creating reports, schedules, and tasks. On the other hand, the CEO of the organization is a minimally involved stakeholder because she is only interested in whether the project stays on time and budget while delivering the proper result. The junior project manager has a lot of control over details, but beyond these details, he has little power over the financing of the project and little influence on the project's direction and aims. The CEO is not interested in the details like reports, schedules, and tasks, but she has overwhelming influence on the budget, direction and aims of the project. No matter the level of involvement or influence of the stakeholders, each contributes to the success or failure of a project in his or her own way. These groups need to work together in their roles to make the project successful.

The influence and involvement of personnel on a project is something a project manager must understand and, indeed, manipulate successfully. For example, if the project manager needs more money to complete a phase of the project, she should go to someone with the influence to make that happen. Project managers also must take stakeholder influence into consideration when deciding the direction of the project. It is a project manager's responsibility to identify the stakeholders, understand their requirements and expectations, successfully manage their influence, and find a balance of what is required to keep the stakeholders content while keeping the project on track. Indeed, this is a quite a complex, political task. Fortunately, a stakeholder analysis can help.

To complete this Individual Assignment, continue working with the scenario you were assigned for your Final Project.

Perform a stakeholder analysis for your scenario, An analysis of stakeholder groups, stakeholder issues and stakeholder management strategies (1-2 PowerPoint slides) Title page 1 slide and References 1 slide. (4 slides in total)


  • Primary Stakeholders: those ultimately affected, either positively or negatively, by the project.
  • Secondary Stakeholders: the intermediaries, those who are indirectly affected by the project.
  • Key Stakeholders: those who have significant influence upon a project, or significant importance within the organization.


  • Stakeholder Issues: problems that may arise with various stakeholders.
  • Stakeholder Management Strategies: a plan to address stakeholder issues.
  • Create a Microsoft PowerPoint slide titled, 'Stakeholder Analysis', that includes the above information.

Finally, kindly avoid using long essay style sentences when including relevant information. Include more visual aids elements such as graphs table and schemes when analyzing the 6 bullet point's questions. Ensure that the work is properly referenced using Harvard format and graduate level writing style. Most importantly kindly ensure that you log on to the University Library to access academic resources to use for this assignment using the log in credentials provided in the last assignment.

Project Scenario: Opening a New Hotel

You are part of an exclusive hotel group that has a strong reputation for boutique luxury hotels in the capital city. Having recently disposed of a successful hotel in the capital, the directors wish to reinvest the funds by branching out to another large city within reasonable travelling distance of the capital city. Your team is responsible for the acquisition, refurbishment and opening of the new hotel. You must acquire a suitable building, plan the capacity, services, décor and branding to launch the new hotel. It need not be an existing hotel, but must have the potential for between 25 and 40 up-market rooms and suites in an area that assures a high level of occupancy.

Assignment Files - https://www.dropbox.com/s/szbkh90yj0f8kk6/Assignment%20Files.zip?dl=0


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The solution is done in 2 slides and it explains the stakeholder analysis of a project related to opening of a new hotel.The referencing followed here is Harvard referencing system.

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    I made some changes to the primary, secondary and key stakeholder. Kindly have the expert incorporate into the diagram. Secondly kindly have the expert incorporate more details into the Stakeholder issues and the stakeholder management strategies. Expert should incorporate this into the copy of solution that I have attached. The Stakeholders identified by the expert were very good as they did fully fitted the requirements and the other part was detailed enough. This solution was just provided perfectly and I didn't have to take the pain to point out any of the aspect of it not meeting the required standard and even corrected them. Thanks for your great help, You guys are amazing.

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    Please find attached files for the new assignment. Looking at a concise assignment which will fit into 2 PPT slides. There should be another slide for title page and another slide for references. Detailed assignment instruction for the expert is in the 1st attachment. Kindly send PayPal link for payment. An organization is a group of individuals organized to work for some purpose or mission. A project is a temporary work effort made over a finite period with a start and a finish to create a unique product. Some organizations take project management to a level of seriousness where they develop an entire sub-organization to oversee the project. Other organizations may assign a small project team to a project, or even just a single project manager to handle a project.

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