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Research Assignment

You need to conduct research on the following aspects of Marketing Management of any ONE Chosen Organization serving the Consumer Market.

Tasks to be done:

1. Give a brief introduction of the organization, its business and marketing philosophy. Analyze the marketing environment of the chosen organization by conducting a SWOT/PESTLE analysis.

2. Examine the significance of market selection, development of customer's value proposition and competitive differentiation for marketing management decision making.

3. Examine the market segment served by the organization. Elucidate the positioning strategy that differentiates the product or brand of the chosen organization from those of the competitors.

4. Appraise the marketing mix strategies of the chosen organization. (Product, Price, Place Promotion).

5. Appraise the strategies used by organizations to build long term, mutually-satisfying, sustainable relationships with customers. Develop marketing strategies for the above organization that could help it build value for customers and develop long term sustainable relationships with them.

6. Summarize your report and give recommendations based on your analysis.

Words Limit: 2500

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Reference no: EM131449497

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1. You are required to carry out these tasks individually and upload your reporton the Moodle before due date of submission. 2. No assignment shall be accepted after the final exam has started. 3. This assignment will be checked on Turnitin for plagiarism. Please read the UMS policy for plagiarism, which shall apply for this assignment. 4. The report of the research assignment should be typed in Microsoft Word, font Times New Roman, size 12, line spacing 1.5. Cover page should clearly indicate the Student ID and the student Name. 5. You must show evidence of EXTENSIVE research for this assignment. It is recommended that you use journal articles, newspapers/magazines, websites and books. In doing so acknowledge all sources of any facts and ideas which are not your own.

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