Analyze issues related to punishment-prevention

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Analyze issues related to punishment and prevention. Then, comment on the following statement: If it can be shown that punishment fails to prevent crime, then, by utilitarian standards, we have no grounds on which to punish.

Reference no: EM13313103

What number is face down on the table

Somebody marked the six faces of a die with the numbers 1, 2 and 3 - each number twice. The die was put on a table. Four people - Abu, Babu, Calu and Dabu - sat around the t

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Please explain how race is a social construct and not based on anything biological (i.e. evolutionary ecology, genetic variation, phenotype/genotype, melanocytes and polygenic

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Imagine you are a Chinese farmer living in 2006. Start off by describing yourself and the state of your family. Explain in which region of China you reside and how far it is

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Discuss some ways a firm can link its sales promotion activities to its advertising and personal selling efforts-so that all of its promotion efforts result in an integrated e

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What were the most compelling points from the interaction with your fellow students and how did participating in this discussion help in your understanding of the Discussion B

Contemporary culture in kenya

Describe a typical day in your life and the challenges you face due to the unique geographical and political situation in your city or town.

Reasons for advocating the fixed money supply rule

What are some of the benefits and drawbacks of such a system? What are the main reasons for advocating the Fixed Money Supply Rule? Write a 1-2 page paper answering the prec

A hashtag surrounding a controversial issue

For this assignment, you will choose a hashtag surrounding a controversial issue, and you will use your exploration of the hashtag as a way to look at the issue from multipl


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