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Application: Comprehensive Outsourcing Decisions

When a company successfully makes use of outsourcing agreements time and again, its decision-making process is probably worth emulating. Smiths Medical is one such company that assesses potential outsourcing partners with a checklist that communicates the basic traits required of candidates (Barbella, 2009). Company executives explain Smiths Medical's role in the medical device market, and question potential suppliers to determine if there might be a mutually beneficial fit.

To complete this Assignment, respond to the following in a 2

· Analyze HR executives' outsourcing decisions.

o How would the HR skills identified in the Human Resource Competency Study aid an HR executive in assessing potential outsourcing partners?

o How would the skills identified in the Human Resource Competency Study enable an HR executive to effectively manage outsourcing agreements?

o How would such skills enable an HR executive to effectively advise the CEO of the organization regarding outsourcing decisions?

o What has been left unaddressed in the Human Resource Competency Study? Explain your concern or rationale in thinking something might be missing.


Barbella, M. (2009). Decision time. Medical Product Outsourcing.

Reference no: EM131177249

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