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For the Final Paper, you will be evaluating the public relations practices of an organization based on all of the chapters in the course text.

Develop a paper that answers the following items based on an organization of your choice. You may pick any organization as long as your choice has information available to address the following:

Analyze how the organization used public relations to create a brand and influence public opinion.

Assess how is the selected organization is adapting to the social media sites and other venues in the 21st century.

Identify a crisis that the organization has faced or is facing and analyze how it was or is being handled by the organization.

Compare and contrast the public relations campaigns of your organization and another organization. If your organization is for-profit, select a non-profit organization for your comparison organization, and if your organization is non-profit, select a for-profit.

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This paper takes a deeper look into how Coca-Cola has used public relations in promoting its brand and changing public opinion. It further looks into how Coke has managed to adapt to the use of social media in public relations and how it compares with Oxfam. The paper has been prepared in Microsoft office word.

Reference no: EM131248064

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