Analyze how the image of men and women is use in advertising

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Please contibute one essay and one reply.

Please pick several aspects of " Killing Us Softly" and make thoughtful comments based on your own experiences and perceptions.

How do images of women and men in advertising shape your understanding of female/male gender roles, the idealization of beauty, your own perception of beauty, how you feel about yourselves. What sorts of messages do you feel are targeted to your demographic?

Please comment on aspects of gender, race/ethnicity, and age. Analyze and critique how the image of women ( and men) is used in advertising, the messages embedded in those images and how they shape our perceptions of ourselves and others.

Make sure you identify the specific form of media ( TV, film, print, internet), for example: Vogue magazine, Esquire magazine etc.,
Feel free to nclude any information you have encountered in this course, Mass Media & Society.

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The video "Killing us Softly" can best desribe how advertisement play a big role on society on how we "think" we should look. Most ads display pictures of beautiful and flawless women, and sometiems men. We can see how photoshop play a huge role in this mainly with Women. In the video they desribe how in one image, they use 4 or 5 different women and combine them into their "perspective" of the perfect women.

Women are more influence by advertisment to how they look then Men. Women are portray in ads as almost an object as we can see in the Heineken commerical when a robot female turns into a keg. Man however are portray more as strong, and filled with class.

Woman are more effected by advertisment than men when it comes to beauty. Ad shows pictures of a slim, big breast, big rear end, perfect face, enchanting hair of women. This is their definition beauty. However this is unrealistic, because no one in this world looks that perfect. No ones physical apperance can ever be that perfect. I believe beauty doesn't need all of that characteristics. Ads don't really change my perception of beauty. Most people, espcially my age range are influences my ads on how they should look.

Ads can heavly lower self-esteam in females. We look at different magzines, espcially clothing ones how most women are extremely slim. Female today don't feel comfortable about their body unless they look a certain way. Ads make them feel this way, espcially magazines that invovles beauty. Today, a good amount of female I know are not satisifed wit the way they look and will goes length to buy different beauty supplies. We see the low self-esteam play a big role in how ad makes money. When females want to look a certain way they can spent money on breast enlargement, Liposuction, and Eyelid surgeries. They all don't come cheap.

Ads can also cause eating disorder among female. We see this among Victoria Secret models, and other models from different clothing company. The United State has seen an increase in eating disorder among females in recent years. In Fji, a village gets TVs and they see an increase in eating disorder among the female populations. This proves that Ads are so powerful can influence how we live.

We can see in the video we can learn how you have to be a beautiful Cauasian female to be look as flawless. Among Asians, African, and others, they all have to have the Cauasian style to look beautiful. We also see in the video how black female are mainly portray in African scene in magazines and rarely headline the front cover.

Advertisment also likes to play little jokes to atract their viewers to buy their customers. They will say a joke like if you lack this, you need this. They do it for both men and women, however it plays a bigger role in women when roasting. Men are not too highly critize through these little jokes in ads, but women however are.

To Conclude Ads play a whole lot bigger role in influence how woman should look than Men. Men arean't as effected by ads, and how socity believe they should look as Women.

Reference no: EM13808458

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