Analyze how a leader can use these tools to motivate staff

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Your facilitator will assign a case study scenario from the Week Five

Case Studies document. You are a new manager appointed to find a solution to the challenges presented in the scenario.

Use the steps of the decision-making process regarding your assigned scenario.

Create a 9-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that addresses the following:

· Identify the purpose.

o Identify the challenges of being a manager.

· Set the criteria.

o Explain the goals you want to achieve as a manager.

· Weight the criteria.

o Explain the goals in order of importance as a manager.

· Seek alternatives.

o Analyze alternative tools a manager can use to motivate staff.

o Analyze how a leader can use these tools to motivate staff.

o Explain how leaders and managers motivate staff differently.

o Explain tips managers can use to empower staff.

· Test alternatives.

o Analyze how positive modeling can be used in this scenario and

the alternatives available for modeling.

o Analyze how managers can incorporate mentorship into daily


· Troubleshoot.

o Explain how to address resistance from staff.

o Explain the issues that may impede the achievement of goals.

· Evaluate the action.

o Evaluate how goals will be measured to ensure success.

o Analyze the ethical considerations in leadership and management.

o Explain other management decisions that must be considered in the scenario to improve employee morale.

o Analyze how the success of the decisions will be measured.

Cite a minimum of 5 references.

Format your presentation according to APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Case Study Scenario

The quarterly reports of expenditures for all the St. Agnes Health System have been distributed. You are the Director Team for the Orthopedic Clinic, and your area has seriously overspent its budget for the third consecutive quarter. There are rumors circulating that your job depends on reducing costs for supplies, the most expensive item on the list. Other rumors suggest that all the clinic nurses fear they will lose their jobs if the poor financial report for the clinic causes the board to convert the clinic into an urgent care. Although morale has been low, you have been adequately staffed and there seems to be an increase in sick calls by everyone on the team.

Reference no: EM131123098

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