Analyze governmental efforts to attract foreign investment

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In this week's portion of the final project, you will conduct a risk assessment of the political-legal environment for the acquisition of the company by MICUS. Include in your risk assessment the following topics:

Government and politics: Describe the type of government and recent political developments that could influence the economic and business environment.

Formal trade barriers: Identify formal trade barriers (tariffs and other taxes, foreign exchange controls, ownership restrictions) that might require MICUS to adapt its business strategy.

Promoting global business. Analyze governmental efforts to attract foreign investment. (For example, some nations offer tax incentives to attract foreign capital.)

Intellectual property: Discuss the country's regulations to protect intellectual property, such as brand names, copyrights, trademarks, software, course delivery methods, syllabi, curriculum design, course materials, etc. (Some countries do not enforce these laws resulting in the pirating of products and lost profits for companies.)

Recommended actions: Suggest actions you believe might be necessary for MICUS to take with regard to factors in the country's political and legal environment.

Conclusions: Draw conclusions about the material you have presented. The opinions or judgments you present should be supported by your research.

Reference no: EM131188940

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