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You have been reading about key assumptions of interpersonal communication processes and examining how communicators' goals influence these processes. The individuals involved in a conversation have their own point of view, perspective, experiences, and insights. Nearly all communication is goal-oriented to some extent, from gaining trust to learning more about each other to even selling products or providing services, whether or not the participants are aware of it. Each individual brings his or her own unique perspective and influence into daily communication to meet these unconscious or conscious goals.

Students will:

• Apply conflict management styles to a case study
• Evaluate how perception and attributions affect conflict management
• Evaluate media for characteristics of interpersonal communication
• Analyze examples of stereotypes in media
• Apply conflict management styles to a case study

Using the scenario in the attached document:

- What else could Kai, Ronnie, or Lauren have done differently during or after their discussions that could have minimized the conflict? What conflict management styles, patterns, or dimensions could be used that would help resolve the conflict? Explain.


•McLean, S. (2016). Business relationships across cultures. Boston: Flat World Knowledge Publishers.

o Chapter 4, "Understanding Your Audience"

This chapter details with how people organize information and create expectations. It also discusses perception, including differences in perception. The chapter closes with an examination of how these processes influence listening.

o Chapter 2, "Culture, Relationships, and Conflict"

Culture is discussed in intrapersonal communication, or how we communicate with ourselves, and its influence on our self-concept and our interpersonal needs. In addition, conflict strategies are explored in relation to intercultural communication.

o Cialdini, R. B. (1971). Attitudinal advocacy in the verbal conditioner. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 17(3), 350-358.

Attachment:- Conflict_in_the_Workplace.pdf

Reference no: EM131478941

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