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Assignment Requirements:

1. Analyze Coastal Uniform's progression from being an excellent company to its current state. Begin your analysis with a brief description of the company and its background. In the remainder of this analysis you should identify changes that have occurred in the company's industry and competitive environment that put pressure on the company, a description and analysis of (1) the company's responses to these pressures and (2) the factors within the company that led to Andrew Vila's dilemma. Incorporate some of the budgeting concepts discussed. Conclude this portion of your analysis with three or four overall factors (derived from your case analysis) that you believe were primary contributors to Coastal Uniforms decline. Try to incorporate a couple of concepts we've discussed during class or that were included in the readings from the text.

2. Evaluate Vilas's options. Identify three possible responses that Vilas might choose. Identify the primary parties who would be impacted by his decision (the stakeholders) and the effect of each option on each of the primary stakeholders.

3. Include as one of your responses (to part 2 above) whistleblowing by Vilas, which would involve Vilas taking some sort of legal action. Is whistleblowing a legitimate option for Vilas? What must he consider in deciding whether or not to pursue legal action against the company. If he decides to do so, what process might he follow? You may want to reference outside resources (articles about whistleblowing, for example) when responding to this requirement.

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Reference no: EM131010801

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