Analyze changing trends in consumer purchasing behavior

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Suppose you're the manager of a marketing research department, and you want to implement a new data mining system to analyze changing trends in consumer purchasing behavior. Some of the members of your department are strongly in favor of the new system you've described because it seems easier to use, while others are strongly opposed because they're comfortable with the existing system and they're afraid that the learning curve might interfere with the productivity. How would you apply the model proposed by Kurt Lewin to understand the conflict and implement the change?

Reference no: EM132185233

Implementing an ecosystem focused on innovation

What are the key obstacles that the leader may encounter and what actions can the leader take to preempt this from happening when implementing an ecosystem focused on innovati

Conduct a resource-based analysis of historical strengths

Conduct a resource-based analysis of some of Best Buy’s historical strengths. In order to do this, identify at least three resources or capabilities and use the VRINE model to

Serious financial trouble

Your business, a closely held corporation with 4 other shareholders, is in serious financial trouble. A lender has suggested that it might provide lending if you could reduc

Develop forecasts for the sales of vw beetles

Using smoothing constants of .6 and .9, develop forecasts for the sales of VW Beetles. What effect did the smoothing constant have on the forecast? Use MAD to determine whic

Customer satisfaction rate and deliver performance

As an investor in Amazon, how would you perceive this developing strategy? Customer Satisfaction rate: Amazon need to measure the customer satisfaction rate. Deliver performan

Describe the characteristics needed for the project leader

Describe the characteristics needed for the project leader. Describe the types of members that you need on the analytical team. Explain why each type is required. Describe the

Each group will develop a plan to train and reinforce skills

Learning and Development Many health care organizations view employee training as falling into two categories: One related to specific knowledge and skills for the individual’

Creation of thorough job skills analysis and job description

Creation of a thorough job skills analysis (specification) and job description for a management level position to be employed in the software industry (emerging company).The p


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