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Principles of Software Engineering



The purpose of this assignment is to enable students to demonstrate their ability to interpret a set of laws that are part of the principles of software engineering, to evaluate principles of software engineering aspects within an industry in relation to the various elements covered, to apply them to a case drawn from technical and academic literature and to communicate the key issues through a written academic report.
Description of assignment:

Software Failure and the Laws of Software Engineering.

it is required to read a given case study of a software system failure and then analyze and discuss the failure and apply the laws given in the text showing clearly how the application of the laws might have lessened or even prevented the failure.

There are five files attached:

BlackoutFinal.pdf, Causes.pdf,blackout-learner-version.pdf,LaprieFTCS25.pdf and Swfailure.pdf.

The main document is BlackoutFinal.pdf

Find and include full references (in APA style) for all the documents that you use (including any texts) in your report.

Your report should clearly show the following and be well presented:

1. Cover Page

2. Abstract

3. A clear description of the system.

4. Detailed failure symptoms of the system.

5. Analysis of these failures.

6. Discussion and recommendations based on laws in the textbook.

7. References.

Reference no: EM13851000

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