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In 5 pages (this does NOT include the pages with your title and references) analyze an occupation of your choice (e.g., dentist, teacher). That is, provide job description, job requirements, and results of interviewing at least 2 workers.

The interviews should highlight the workers' firsthand accounts of what they consider the chief inputs and rewards associated with the occupation.

Minute oral and power point presentation


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Table of Contents
Introduction 2
Job Description 2
Job Requirements 3
Interview Results 4
Conclusion 5
References 7

Nurses play a crucial role in providing health care services to patients in an extremely versatile workplace. The effective retention and attraction of staff in nursing has started to become extremely important in the era of major demand for health related services with good quality. However there is also a major challenge regarding increased shortage of qualified and skilled nursing staff for the provision of required care(Chenevert, 2010). This crisis has been identified as the worst shortage of nursing since the past 50 years, with an estimation that if significant measures are not involved for addressing the issues, there are chances of major shortage in the entire industry across the globe.

In this paper, focus will be created on analysing the occupation of nursing, while providing a brief about the job requirements and job description. For this purpose, two nurses had been interviewed, considering the key inputs and rewards in association with the occupation of nursing. Based on this, key points of conclusion will be drafted in the end.

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