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1. Why would a customer database be so useful for the companies described in this case? What would happen if these companies had not kept their customer data in databases?

2. How did better data management and analytics improve each company’s business performance? Give examples of two decisions that were improved by mining these customer databases.

3. Are there any ethical issues raised by mining customer databases? Explain your answer.

Reference no: EM132280521

What marketing communication mix the company will use

How does the product type influence what marketing communication mix the company will use? Do you believe these companies used the best promotional tool? If yes, explain why

Discuss the use of pert/cpm techniques

Question: Discuss the use of PERT/CPM techniques for managing projects. Describe what PERT/CPM does. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of using it. What other techniques mi

Considering giving her good rating in the appraisal

James is about to conduct a performance appraisal for Maria. Maria has exhibited some performance problems in the past months. She has been coming in late and leaving early, a

Describe four elements of transformational leadership

Describe the four elements of transformational leadership and distinguish this theory from transactional and charismatic leadership. Identify and explain the elements of trans

Describe categories of supply chain processes

Prospective employers can conduct a credit check along with a background check to determine employment eligibility. What are the five categories of supply chain processes? Exp

Debate the main pros and cons of using private insurance

Compare and contrast at least two (2) areas of the economy that the new health care act impacts. Explain your rationale. Debate the main pros and cons of using private insuran

What kinds of automated equipment could be used to eliminate

Discussed the point of making an inspection visit to a facility at several different times to get information on when certain pieces of equipment need to be turned on and when

What will the principal balance on the loan be

You take out a 30-year $300,000 mortgage loan with an APR of 8 percent and monthly payments. What are the monthly payments? In 16 years you decide to sell your house and payof


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