Analysis on competitive advantage to singapore through lmr

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Based on the context of Singapore, provide an analytical report on the importance of the 4 key players in enhancing effective labour management relation. Provide examples on how the aforementioned contribute to the competitive advantage of the nation.

1) Introduction of labour management relations (LMR) - 300 words

-Discribe singapore industrial relations

-Describe scope

2)Analysis on roles of 4 key players of LMR - 800 words

-Government roles (Ministry of manpower)

-Union (NTUC union)

-Employers(Managment) (SNEF)


3)Analysis on competitive advantage to Singapore through LMR - 700 words

Tripartism in Singapore

National Wage Council

Flexible wage system

*Use statistic on strike, ranking of singapore international competitive index, direct foreign invesment in singapore, productivity level.

4)Conclusion - 200 words

APA format

Minimum 10 references.(References should always be listed in alphabetical order)

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The paper talks about four important players in Singapore that can enhance the effectiveness of the labor. The paper is an analytical report that discussed how these players can play their role using the resources available to them. one of these key players is the labor itself and that has a role to play in the proper development of the much-needed labor mantra.The other resources include the government and the different councils that help in drawing an outline for the effective use of the labor in the country. The collateral use of these players is discussed in the paper.

Reference no: EM131375533

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