Analysis of turnover
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Answers the question given below  related to the topic "Analysis of Turnover"

True / False Questions

18. Data are seldom available regarding when or where employee turnover is occurring in most organizations.
True False

19. Research suggests that there are differences between the reasons for turnover that employees provide in exit interviews and the reasons employees provide in anonymous surveys.
True False

20. Because it is typically very easy to collect and analyze job satisfaction data meaningfully, most organizations make this a cornerstone of their retention strategy.
True False

21. Exit interviews should be conducted by exiting employee's immediate supervisor whenever possible.
True False

22. The interviewee in an exit interview should be told that the comments that he/she makes will be confidential and that only aggregate results will be used by the organization.
True False

23. Postexit surveys should ask be mailed quite some time after the employee's last day of work so the individual has sufficient time to reflect on his or her experiences.
True False

24. Economic costs associated with voluntary turnover include accrued paid time off and temporary coverage.
True False

25. Material and equipment costs are likely to be the most prevalent in replacement and training costs.
True False

26. The primary immediate benefit of turnover for employers is hiring inducements.
True False

27. Compared to discharge turnover, voluntary turnover is usually more costly.
True False

28. Turnover cost estimates are very precise and accurate in most cases.
True False

29. Many turnover costs are hidden in the time demands placed on the many employees who must handle the separation, replacement, and training activities.
True False

30. One potential benefit of employee discharges is the development of improved performance management and disciplinary skills.
True False

31. Downsizing costs are concentrated in separation costs for permanent reductions in force.
True False

Multiple Choice Questions

32. Exit interviews can be used to explain _________ to departing employees.
A. rehiring rights
B. benefits
C. confidentiality agreements
D. all of the above

33. Which of the following is a suggestion for conducting an appropriate exit interview?
A. The interviewer should be the employee's immediate supervisor.
B. There should be an unstructured interview format.
C. The interviewer should prepare for each interview by reviewing the interview format and the interviewee's personnel file.
D. None of the above

34. Which of the following is a common tool to assess employee reasons for leaving?
A. Position analysis
B. Job rotation
C. Exit interview
D. Discharge notification

35. Economic separation costs associated with voluntary turnover include ________.
A. hiring inducements
B. rehiring costs
C. manager's time
D. more than one of the above

36. Replacement costs associated with voluntary turnover include __________.
A. HR staff induction costs
B. mentoring
C. severance pay
D. contagion

37. Which of the following is a potential benefit associated with voluntary employee turnover?
A. lowered replacement costs
B. savings from not replacing an employee
C. vacancy creates an open job that must be staffed
D. all of the above

38. Which of the following makes involuntary turnover potentially more costly than a similar level of voluntary turnover?
A. Accrued paid time off
B. Possibility of a lawsuit
C. Staffing costs for a new hire
D. Formal training

39. Economic costs associated with downsizing include ___________.
A. threat to harmonious labor-management relations
B. decreased employee morale
C. higher unemployment insurance premiums
D. difficulty in attracting new employees

40. Which of the following is a potential benefit associated with downsizing?
A. focus on core businesses, eliminating peripheral ones
B. spreading risk by outsourcing activities to other organizations
C. lower payroll and benefit costs
D. all of the above

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