Analysis of the neuropsychological disorder

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This assignment is an analysis of the neuropsychological disorder that supports your Final Project. You will create an outline of the main points of your Final Project, using your selected neuropsychological disorder as approved by the instructor.

The Final Project Outline should be organized into three sections, each main section having required components. This outline is both an analysis of your topic as well as a tool to ensure that you are on the right track with your Final Project. The more information you provide, the more feedback you will receive from your instructor, which will be helpful as you write your Final Project.

Please note: This assignment may incorporate information from your Week One assignment, but it must expand on that information. Additionally, this assignment must be submitted in formal APA outline style (not in paragraph form).


Succinct thesis statement (one or more sentences detailing the focus of your Final Project and informing the reader about your topic and the scope of your paper)

Define the type of disorder




Diagnostic criteria

What components must be present for the disorder to be diagnosed?

Include physical and psychological signs and symptoms.

Reason(s) why you chose this topic

Personal experience

Professional experience

Other reason


Who is affected?

Are they young/old?





Detailed description of the disorder

Signs and symptoms


Any subtypes of the disorder

Detailed description of the natural history of the disorder

How the disorder develops over time with treatment

How the disorder develops over time without treatment

Methods used to diagnose, evaluate, and manage the disorder

Initial diagnosis (e.g., physical exam, imaging and/or laboratory testing, special studies, psychological evaluation, psychometric testing)

Ongoing management (e.g., physical exam, imaging and/or laboratory testing, special studies, psychological evaluation, psychometric testing)

Risk factors



Environmental factors

Other causative factors



Nervous system structures and/or pathways involved in the disorder (detailed information regarding the underlying pathology as it applies to these structures and functional pathways)

Neurotransmitter(s) and receptor system(s) involved in the pathology of the disorder

Current treatment options

Drug (pharmacologic) therapies

Nonpharmacologic therapies (including psychological and other therapeutic services)

Type of care providers (e.g., medical, nursing, therapists)

Type of healthcare setting (e.g., hospital, home, outpatient, nursing facility)

Future areas of research

Treatment options

Evaluation and diagnostic methods for initial diagnosis

Increasing knowledge relating to etiology and pathologic processes


The conclusion reaffirms your initial thesis statement

The conclusion may be one or more paragraphs that use the material you have discussed in the paper to support the validity of your synthesis and elaborate on the theme of your pape.

Plan to utilize these sections as first-level headings in your Final Project, formatted according to APA style, to organize your paper.

Each main heading and all subheadings should include at least a two- to three- sentence description (use complete sentences). Do not simply write the heading and a few words of description.

In general, dictionaries and encyclopedias are not considered appropriate as resources for academic writing.

It is assumed that these references will be included in your Final Project.

Must document all sources in APA style.

Must include a separate reference page, formatted according to APA style

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Reference no: EM13746108

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