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Develop an Annual Report for a Company of your choice.

From a technological point of view, the "internet" is all the computers in the world that are connected, including the technologies as well as the wires and antennas that keep all the computers talking to each other. From a professional point of view, however, the internet is an endless source of useful information. All decisions in the corporate world today are based (and should be based) on valid, reliable and credible information. This information comes from investigations of the external environment of a company and a realization of the company's strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. But not all the available information over the net is credible and reliable. So where can we (as corporate managers) find the right information?

Following this line of inquiry, you are required to apply the knowledge you have accumulated throughout the module (and the development of assignment 1) in terms of research, intelligence gathering, strategy analysis and formulation, mission set-up, and control, towards analysing a company's published annual report. More specifically, you are required to:

Step 1: Identify a PLC company that uses strategic management - this company may be prosperous, booming, in decline, or in economic difficulties;

Step 2: Visit the corporate website, examine the annual statement and investor information and develop a comprehensive analysis;

Step 3: Write a full analysis of the company and suggest possible strategic alternatives to follow;

Step 4: Guide potential investors on whether it worth investing their money in the company (or not) and why.


• Wordage: 5000 words

• Deadline: End of week 7

• Reference all sources according to Harvard Referencing, both in the text and reference list


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Annual Report Development and Analysis of a Plc Company

Marston’s PLC


The pubs and branded beer of the company have made robust sales and the company has made good progress to implement its key strategic initiatives. Even though the profit numbers before tax and earnings on each share were low than in 2013, the company understands that this is a result of planned disposals. The core business of the company achieved enhanced growth front new pub restaurants building.

Strategy brief: The organization is benefited from the use of its strategy and has the capability to achieve by developing organization. The company further considers opportunities of acquisition in a careful manner but the company has planned to invest in building new restaurants and pub (20 to 30) to achieve high returns and sell those pubs that are not making more profit. The ability of the company lies in developing new ideas and implementing them in an effective manner.

Market analysis: The marketing environment for the company remains to be tough even though most indicators of economy has shown steady improvement signs. This has not been fed through to the pockets of the customers and therefore value for capital remains essential for many pub restaurants. Good opportunity lies in development of more innovative offers. The company furthermore has a broad marketing positioning and this offers further benefit to the company.

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