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Assessment: Strategic Insight and Analysis

You have been asked by the CEO of a firm to conduct an in-depth analysis of the market place changes that are affecting a selected business unit/product within the firm (in the New Zealand market). You will need to prepare a report for the CEO and address the following:

-Perform an analysis of the business unit's current market situation, extent of market leadership including an analysis of the business unit's market offerings.

-Perform an analysis of the key competitors.

-Discuss the changes that are happening in the market place including changes to customer needs, competitors, technology, and regulation etc.

-Assess the implications of these changes for the company/business unit marketplace position and performance in the future, isolating
the key MARS strategic issues that should be addressed.

-Provide comprehensive strategic recommendations based on these issues with a clear justification based on changes to the marketing
strategy and tactics. Your recommendations should be very specific and actionable.

The CEO is interested in new insights into the marketplace in order to gain a marketplace advantage. Apply the theories and models from the class sessions and studios to your analysis and when preparing your strategic recommendations. Support these  recommendations using your research as evidence. Please note:

1. Your business unit will be allocated to you at the first class session and your assignment must be based on this allocation.

2. To complete this assignment, you are expected to carry out research, which includes the use of the library, on line databases and the internet.

3. Please do not approach firms for information and only use public information sources.

4. This report must not exceed 3000 words (including appendices). A word limit is necessary because you are reporting to a senior executive whose time is limited and you will therefore need to write succinctly. To achieve the word limit, you will need to carefully edit and refine the text.

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