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Individual Assignment: Project Scope, Aims and Objectives

Throughout this module, you will complete several Individual Assignments Submission that will contribute to the first part of your Final Project, a presentation of a business case for a project plan that includes sufficient detail to secure funding for the project. You and your group members will be assigned a scenario that you will use as a basis for your business case. You should work with your group to add any necessary detail to your scenario, so you have a clear picture of the type of project you want to propose. Your presentation will contain the following elements:

1. A definition of the project scope, aims and objectives

2. An analysis of stakeholder groups, stakeholder issues and stakeholder management strategies

3. An analysis of project tasks and phases using key project management planning tools

4. Proposed key performance indicators that could be used to monitor the project's performance

5. An analysis of risks involved in the project and proposed risk mitigation strategies

Complete instructions for this part of your Final Project as well as the other elements of your Final Project can be found by clicking on the Final Project button in the classroom.

you will complete the first element of your presentation, a definition of your project's scope, aims and objectives.

The first step in managing projects is determining the scope of the project. The scope of a project is like looking at a large object from a distance. The view from a distance will help you to see the whole, rather than get caught in details. In project management, determining the scope of a project means identifying the work that needs to be accomplished to deliver the desired service, product or result. The scope of a project is often broad and subject to change. To overcome this, experts recommend including an explanation of why the project is being pursued, the desired outcome of the project, project goals and as much information as you can include about resources, budget and schedule.

The second step you should take in project management is identifying the project aims. The aims of the project answer the question, ‘What will this project accomplish?' One way to create project aims is to use the mission and values of the organisation, e.g., ‘This project aims to expand our territory in Wales while working to be the number one retailer of organic foods in the United Kingdom, as well as continuing to give back to the community in the areas where we develop our stores'. This aims statement incorporates the organisation's mission to be the number one retailer of organic foods, their value of giving back to the community and their desire to accomplish an expansion into Wales.

The third step in project management is identifying the project objectives. A project's objectives will more precisely define what it is the project is trying to achieve, including how the project will be completed. By creating objectives, you can see the major tasks that will need to be undertaken to complete the project and get an idea of what resources will be necessary. To create a project's objectives, examine the project aims and then think about what will be needed to meet the identified aims.

The scope, aims and objectives of a project will give you a strong foundation for starting a project, and are usually necessary for a project to gain approval from stakeholders and upper management. In this unit, you will complete the first element of the Business Case Presentation for your Final Project by determining the scope, aims and objectives of the project you have been assigned.

To complete this Individual Assignment:

- Review the scenario you have been assigned by your Faculty Member.

- Research the topics in your scenario, on the Internet and in the library, and add detail and assumptions to the scenario to further define it.
- Identify the project scope, and create aims and objectives for the scenario you were assigned, and include these on a Microsoft PowerPoint slide titled, ‘Project Scope, Aims and Objectives'.

By midway through the unit, you may post a draft of your assignment to obtain feedback from your group members and share ideas for enhancing this part of your presentation.

Shared Activity: Experience and Knowledge in Managing Projects

In this online learning environment, you will interact with a diverse group of individuals from various organisations and backgrounds. You may meet experienced project managers as well as people who are learning about project management for the first time. Although some of your peers may have experience managing projects in a corporate environment, others may have gained experience managing personal projects, like a home renovation. All experiences managing projects contribute to the body of knowledge shared in your Shared Activities Forum. Considering this diverse background when completing Shared Activities Forum will add to the richness of your educational experience, just as your background contributes to the experience of others.

No matter your level of project management experience, you will explore concepts that are similar in all projects. These concepts will help provide a foundation to understand the basics of what project management is, and a baseline for you to move forward with the remaining units in this module.

To prepare for this Shared Activity:

1.Reflect on your readings from this unit, and note concepts that you are familiar with and concepts that are new to you.

2.Reflect on your experience in managing projects. Have you managed projects at work? Have you managed projects in your personal life?

To complete this Shared Activity:

- Post a paragraph introducing yourself to your group. Provide brief information about what you are currently doing professionally.

- Provide information on your experience and knowledge of managing projects, whether personal, professional or both.

- Choose at least two key concepts from this unit's resources that you find interesting or are hoping to learn more about. Explain why these key concepts are important and an example of how they could have helped you approach a project management task differently.

- Read your colleague's postings and compare the similarities and differences between them.

- Respond to your colleagues with lessons you learned that will help you develop your own project management qualities.

Reference no: EM131032797

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