Analysis of a self-identified economic problem

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The short essay must be informal (non-mathematical) discussion and analysis of a self-identified economic problem or puzzle. This problem should be analyzed using microeconomic tools and concepts in a logically stringent way.The paper's first paragraph, of a few lines, should spell out what you will do and how you will do it, why it is an interesting issue and the result of the analysis. The analysis should be the bulk of the paper. The paper should end with results or conclusions. Max 2 pages.

Reference no: EM131155642

Cash flows and financial forecast

Assume you are planning to start a new business that will sell innovative consumer products via an online store. You will be pitching your idea to potential investors with

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In addition to the e-Business Plan template under the Search Engine Optimization Plan section heading, add a Search Engine Optimization Plan of 4-5 pages that includes the f

Explain two of the four strategies of dual concerns model

Explain two of the four strategies of the dual concerns model. Please include an example of each. Select two of the engagement strategy aspects, and describe when and why it w

Utilizes the internet and other recent technologies

1. Explain the evolvement of the Internet and how it changes the way customers, suppliers and companies interact. 2. Describe how your company utilizes the Internet and other

Coordination among team members

Your team is having difficulty assigning work to each team member to meet overall team goals. Which of the following actions would be most likely to enhance coordination amo

Brand image and product positioning in the long run

Why might penetration pricing potentially negatively impact brand image and product positioning in the long run? Given the risk, why would a marketing manager use penetratio

What is the importance of civic engagement

What is the importance of civic engagement (for example, voting, volunteering in the community, engaging in politics, joining groups that advocate for various causes and par

Constraints on external financing

1. If your business has constraints on external financing, as a new business or a long standing business, could the owner or senior management use the processes of Zero Bas


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