Analysing the existing sales and marketing strategies
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The group will choose an organisation in the hospitality industry (to be approved by the lecturer) and will produce and present a business report critically analysing the existing sales and marketing strategies currently employed by the organisation. The report will include commentary on the website and digital marketing of the organisation. The group will present new strategies based on sales and marketing concepts taught in this subject. The group will be required to give a 10 minute presentation at the end of semester.
30% for written report; 10% for presentation.

This is a group work my team has done a few steps if you can please just have a read on it and go from there and continue the other points required down

Malaysia airlines

Headings for the assignment

-Executive summary
-Marketing strategy
-Action programs (tactics)
-Monitoring controls
-Appendices (if necessary)
-Reference list (acknowledge all sources of information) (intext as well and in the end)

All points in Sales and marketing file to be covered.

The other file is the work done by rest of the group.

Please send separate work and combined file both.

Attachment:- Marketing Assigment.rar

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