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Case Study Refer to ACS case study number 2, Diane the Consultant, reference:


Prepare a business report of about 1500 words that analyses the ethical issues raised in the case study and explores how the client might respond if something goes wrong after the client implements the new software. In particular include in the report responses to the following sub-tasks: 

Using each of the four philosophical theories in turn, identify the factors that contribute to an ethical decision.

The case study lists relevant clauses of the Code of Professional Conduct. Explain, for each of the six clauses, how the clause applies to the case study.

 On the basis of the previous two sub-tasks, advise Diane with regard to the ethical decision she should make indicating the main arguments for and against your recommendation.

 For this section only, extend the case study as follows: Diane accepted the client’s wishes to provide low security only; the database management system (DBMS) that she developed for the client was put into operation by the client; six months later the DBMS was penetrated and damaged by a hacker (recall that Diane had clearly advised the client of this risk); consequently many of the stakeholders associated with the DBMS lost all confidence in the client. In this sub-task you are to explain the principles behind ethical repair and recovery and make recommendations as to how the client might regain the confidence and trust from its stakeholders. [Note that this section requires some research on your part as the topic is not covered in the Moodle course materials.]

Reference no: EM131321322

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