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Proceed according to the following instructions.

1. Identify a recent (within the last six (6) months) moral dilemma or ethically questionable situation relating to ICT that you are familiar with. This situation can be either in the media (for example one you have sourced from a newspaper, or online through social media) or through your workplace.

1. If using a workplace example, to maintain confidentiality, do not use real names.
2. If you use a media article you must include a copy of the media article in the Appendix of your assignment.

2. Undertake further research about your chosen topic to assist you in analysing and discussing it in your essay.

3. You are required to complete two separate analyses of the ethical dilemma you have identified above. The combined word limit for the both analyses is 1,500 words ± 10%. Note: Headings, citations, references and any appendices do not count towards your word limit, but quotations do. At the start of the assignment indicate in brackets the word count of your assignment excluding those items mentioned above.

The components of the assignment are:

1. Analysis One - use the Doing Ethics Technique (DET), ensuring you address each of the DET questions; and
2. Analysis Two - Use the Australian Computer Society Code of Professional Conduct (or similar), relating specific clauses from this code to the ethical issue/s, you have identified.

4. Write an Overall Conclusion that ties the results of both Analysis One and Analysis Two together and which justifies the recommendations you have made through the two analyses.

5. Include a Reference list at the end of your work, in the correct APA referencing style, corresponding to in-text citations. You must include at least five (5) qualityreferences from different sources. Please note that these five references are in addition to those provided to you through this subject (for example, you still must reference, the DET, the ACS code, Tavani, the Interact subject lecture notes etc BUT these references cannot be used as one of your five quality references from different sources). Only use references that have been cited in the body of your assignment and ones that support what you have presented in your assignment.
NOTE: Format your assignment according to the instructions given in the Assessment Information, Presentation section.


The assessment item is designed to help you to build skills towards achieving the learning objectives, by requiring you to:

• identify an ICT-related ethical issue in your workplace or a contemporary media article;

• using an analysis technique (the Doing Ethics Technique (DET)), analyse the situation and the arguments it presents, to:
o identify the ethical issues involved;
o assess the implications of those issues; and
o develop solutions to the issues

• apply the ACS Code of Conduct to the analysis of an ethically questionable situation to determine the rightness or wrongness of actions/decisions made therein;

• derive logical and justifiable conclusions to resolve the ethical issue(s);

• develop structured, coherent and logical arguments to support or refute claims; and

• apply proper academic referencing.

Reference no: EM13923929

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