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1. How is serum obtained from blood?

2. What accounts for the results Bordet observed


1. Analyses of DNA and amino acid sequences from HIV isolated from the patients strongly suggest that five of the patients were infected by the dentist. Which two were not? How did you arrive at your conclusion?

2. How can transmission of HIV and hepatitis B by health care workers be prevented?


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1.Blood is a body fluid which is composed of vital nutrients and substances which help in their transportation in the body. It helps in providing oxygen and nutrients to the body cells and helps in exchange of gases. In this manner, it helps in providing nutrition to the body as well as cleansing it by excreting metabolic wastes.

The vertebral blood is composed mainly of blood cells and plasma. Among this, 55% of the composition is a fluid which is mostly water (92%), and the rest contains other suspended materials like glucose, proteins, ions and minerals, oxygen and carbon dioxide.

The serum can be referred to a component that is neither the blood cell nor the clotting factor. It is the blood plasma which includes proteins, antibodies, ions, hormones, antigens and other exogenous substances. The easiest way of separating serum from blood is keeping the blood stagnant in a container at room temperature for some time until a supernatant liquid is obtained at the top.

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