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The task is to analyze the company UBER and the competition in its industry. Within the report pages please respond to the following points:

• Analyse competition in the industry. Do so on the basis the industry's structural features of the industry (i.e., evaluate whether profitability should be High/Medium/Low in accordance with its characteristics - rather than simply reporting backwards-looking financial data).

• Outline Porter five forces of that industry

• What do you conclude are the most important sources of profit pressures?

• Is there anything the company might do to mitigate these pressures?

An industry analysis will describe the structure of relationships among key actors in the industry, will describe key structural determinants that should determine profit-taking, and then derive conclusions. It is useful to analyse each different force independently before summarising your overall view on the industry. Remember too that the unit of analysis in an industry analysis is indeed the industry--not the firm.

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Reference no: EM13665212

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