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Analyse and evaluate risks and security concerns with cloud computing discuss strategies for addressing them

• Introduction

• Background

• Risk and Security concerns in the cloud

• Strategies for addressing them

• Conclusions and future trends


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Cloud Computing is a powerful technology or practice of using a network of remote servers. These remote servers are hosted on internet for managing, storing and processing of data. Cloud computing has become so much popular among web users. Cloud Computing enhances the accessibility of data for users because with the help of this, users can access information from databases anytime and from anywhere.

Amazon.com is an example of cloud computing and this website is used by people through various devices. In simple words we can say that cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the internet ratherthat on computer’s hard drive. Cloud is considered to be metaphor for the internet.

There are various benefits of cloud computing, but besides these benefits there are some security issues that are faced by cloud users. As we know most of the web applications have security related issues or risks. Here in this report we will emphasize on some risk factors that are related to cloud computing.

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