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Principles of Nursing: Surgical Assignment Task -

Case Scenario - Mrs Gina Bacci is a 49year old Italian lady (with poor English) who was admitted to hospital 2 weeks ago for surgery following complications from a right foot ulcer. She underwent surgery under general anaesthetic, for partial amputation of forefoot and the great and first toes. She has a history of; Type II diabetes (diagnosed 6years ago); Peripheral vascular Disease (PVD); and Obesity (BMI 40.4m2; Height 165cm weight 110kgs). Due to her worsening diabetes she has been commenced on insulin during her admission to hospital.

Gina was discharged from hospital 7days ago and has presented to the outpatient department for further wound assessment and management. She is not due to see the surgeon for her follow up post-operative appointment for another 2 weeks.

Current Medications on discharge one week ago are as follows:

  • Novorapid TDS 12units
  • Lantus 30units nocte.
  • Pregabalin 75mg mane
  • Paracetamol 1g QID

Mrs Bacci admits she sometimes forgets and doesn't think she needs to take all her medications.

She is mobilising with an offloading boot and walking stick. On examination her blood pressure is 120/70mmHg; Pulse 88 bpm regular; RR 18 bpm and SpO2 at 97% on RA, temp 37.8ºC Her feet and toes on her right foot are cool to touch with a capillary refill of 2-3 seconds. Mrs Bacci states that she normally has cold feet and wears bed socks. Her BGL is 12.6mmol/L.

When you examine her wound you note that there is an Island film dressing along the incisional wound which is wet from serous exudate output. The wound has some dehiscence along the suture line and there is some sloughy tissue. The surrounding skin is warm, and dark pink and painful to touch.

Assessment: Essay (1800 words) -

Considering the case study above and using the clinical reason cycle write an essay that addresses the following 3 questions.

Question 1: Based on the case study, critically analyse and discuss the underlying pathophysiology and causes of the patient's post-operative wound status. (650 words).

Question 2: Identify 2 main nursing priorities of care for this patient and provide a justification and rationale for each. (350 words).

Question 3: From your identified priorities, outline and justify the appropriate and safe nursing management of the patient during this time. (600 Words).

In order to justify and rationalise your nursing priorities and nursing management strategies, you need to link your discussion specifically to both the case study, and academic literature in answering each question.

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Reference no: EM132280672

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This case study is 1800 WORDS +/-10% and is due by 4pm on Friday. It is to be submitted into Turnitin. This assessment task will be graded against a standardised criterion referenced rubric which is contained in the Unit Outline. Hints: The word limits for each question are a guide and gives you an idea of the weighting of discussion required, plus allows for approximately 100words for an introduction and 100words for a conclusion. Please Note: Two elements within the qualitative rubric Sentence and Paragraph Structure/Intelligibility and Mechanics - Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation provide feedback only. No marks have been allocated to these criteria. They have been included to assist you with your essay writing.


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Please note that in-text citations are included in the word count whilst the reference list is not included in the word count. Words that are more than 10% over the word count will not be considered. Essentially, all text within an assessment item from the introduction through to the conclusion is counted in the word count. This includes all in-text citations, direct quotes and headings. The word count does not include the following: Title page and Reference list. Choose appropriate and relevant texts such as your pathophysiology textbooks as well as current research on the disease processed. Where possible you should cite nursing related information as the scope of practice for management and interventions required are very different between nursing and medicine. Please refer to the texts and references contained in your Unit Outline, as well as information that can be located on Clinical Key.


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A minimum of ten (10) sources should be cited. Databases such as CINAHL which is located on the ACU Library cite will also assist with your research. Your assignment required you to find and cite current and relevant literature to support your discussion throughout the case study. Try to find evidence (research policies and human) from countries with health care systems similar to Australia. Formatting of your Assignment - No cover sheet is required for this case study but please give a title to your case study. Please include the word count of your assignment on the front page of your assignment or in a header. Please also include your name and your student ID number in a header or footer.


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Specific Guidance for the Case Study - Please review the marking rubric before you commence your essay. Your assignment is to follow an essay format. Please use either Times New Roman size 12 font or Arial size 11 font. Your assignment must be double spaced to enable the marker to provide in text comments and feedback for you. Answer the three (3) questions included in your case study, using the following Stages from the Clinical Reasoning Cycle as a frame work to guide your discussion and analysis. Question 1: Step 1 - 3 of CRC, Question 2: Step 4 and 5 of CRC and Question 3: Step 6 and 7 of CRC. Provide an introduction to the case study - what are you going to discuss. Write the introduction last after you know what you have discussed. You will also need to included a conclusion as this forms a summary of the key points of what you have discussed. No new information should be included in the conclusion.


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The following is General Document Guidelines using APA Formatting - Margins: 2.54 cm on all sides (top, bottom, left, right), Font size and type: 12-point serif font. Times New Roman font. Line spacing: Double-space throughout the paper. Alignment: Flush left, creating uneven right margin. Paragraph indentation: Set a tab for 5-7 spaces (approx .75 cm). Pagination: Use a header to insert page numbers in the upper right hand corner on every page of your assignment.


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Quotations: When a direct quotation is used, always include the author, year, and page number (or paragraph number for nonpaginated information) as part of the citation. A quotation of fewer than 40 words should be enclosed in quotation marks and incorporated into the formal structure of the sentence. A quotation of 40 or more words should appear (without quotation marks) set off from the surrounding text, in block format, double spaced, with each line indented five spaces from the left margin. References: Start your reference list on a new page. Type the word References, centred, at the top of the page. Double-space all references. Use a hanging indent in your reference list: the first line of each entry is flush with the left margin and subsequent lines are indented.

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